The Significance and Functions of a Brake Chamber

Vehicles equipped with air brakes must have distinct braking systems for both routine stopping and emergency and parking braking. These systems are separately regulated.

Service brakes are the brakes that are utilised for regular stopping. Each tyre has an air brake chamber, which is a spherical metal container where compressed air is transformed into mechanical force to apply the brakes and stop the car.

Service and spring brake chambers are the two types of air brake chambers. A pushrod, a return spring, and a flexible rubber disc known as a diaphragm are all parts of a service brake chamber.

Compressed air fills the service brake chamber as you depress the brake pedal, causing the diaphragm to move and the pushrod to extend to apply the brakes. When the air pressure is released, the spring inside the chamber returns the pushrod to its original position.

The brake chamber is connected to the brake assembly via a pushrod and a lever known as a slack adjuster (which contains the brake drum or disc). When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the pushrod extends further from the brake chamber, causing the slack adjuster to move forward.

The slack adjuster’s motion is transferred to the brake assembly, causing the brake shoes or pads to make contact with the brake drum or disc. Each brake chamber has a limited pushrod stroke-length capacity due to the design, beyond which no brake force is produced.

A device for adjusting the position of the brake chamber is included in the brake linkage in relation to the position of the brake shoes. As the brakes wear, the linkage must be re-adjusted to keep the pushrod stroke within its normal operating range. This type of brake re-adjustment is necessary on a regular basis.

Because the drop in brake force can be significant when stroke exceeds a brake chamber’s adjustment limits, it is critical that brakes are correctly adjusted to ensure function is maintained. Any brake that exceeds the adjustment limit is a defect that must be addressed immediately.

As brake chambers come in a variety of styles, types, and sizes, it’s critical to correctly identify the brake type and chamber size before determining the corresponding brake adjustment limit.

It is mandatary to perform regular maintenance of the brake chamber as dictated by the truck’s manual. Such maintenance ensures that the pushrod stroke is operating within normal range. If it is not maintained regularly as per the instructions, the entire air brake system could fail. One must look for reputed brake adjuster suppliers to buy disc brake chamber and other components. You may also look for reputed online stores to buy branded products at reasonable prices.