Testing Method for ASA

1 Test standard:SAE J1462-94

2 Adjust torque test:

2.1  Adopt torque wrench, see picture.

2.2 Requirement Torque is less than 8.5N.m clockwise and it is 30~40N.m.counter-clockwise.

Proof-corrupt performance test:

3 Proof-corrupt performance test:

 3.1 Adopt salt fog testing table, mix polluted liquid per SAE J1462-94,see picture.

3.2 Requirement:proof-corrupt for 150 hours

Self-adjust test(automatic adjusting test)

4 Self-adjust test(automatic adjusting test) :

4.1 Adopt self-adjust testing table,see picture.

4.2 Requirement:Torque and frequency pass 200,000 times cycle tests per standard.

Endurance testing:

5 Endurance testing:

5.1 Adopt endurance test table,see picture

5.2 Requirement:Pass 30,000 times of high strength tests after passing 4.2.