906919 Slack Adjuster

906919 Slack Adjuster

The “906919 Slack Adjuster,” a meticulously crafted component designed to enhance the braking system performance of your Kamaz vehicle. Elevate safety and reliability with these key specifications:

  • GAP Number: 906919
  • O.E.M. Number: (Not specified)
  • Haldex Number: 79364C
  • Casting: 2894
  • Control Unit: 74763
  • Application: Kamaz
  • Number of Spline Teeth: 10
  • L1: 150
  • L2: (Not specified)
  • L3: (Not specified)
  • L4: (Not specified)
  • L5: (Not specified)
  • L6: (Not specified)
  • L7: (Not specified)
  • Offset: 47.6
  • Bushing Diameter (mm): 12.7
  • Inclination (degrees): 22.5
  • Spline Type: (Not specified)
  • Alpha (degrees): 110
  • Control Arm: (Not specified)
  • Other Side: 79365C


The “906919 Slack Adjuster” is engineered with precision and durability, ensuring precise adjustments for superior braking performance. Tailored for Kamaz applications, it guarantees reliability and compatibility with your braking system.

Upgrade your Kamaz vehicle confidently with the “906919 Slack Adjuster.” Experience the precision and quality that make it a standout choice, providing enhanced safety and peace of mind for your journeys.

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