974151 Slack Adjuster

974151 Slack Adjuster

The “974151 Slack Adjuster,” a reliable and precision-engineered component designed to enhance your braking system. Explore the detailed specifications below:

  • GAP Number: 974151
  • O.E.M. Number: 97451
  • Haldex Number: 974151
  • Casting: 2901
  • Control Unit: (Not specified)
  • Application: (Not specified)
  • Number of Spline Teeth: 10
  • L1: 152.4
  • L2: (Not specified)
  • L3: (Not specified)
  • L4: (Not specified)
  • L5: (Not specified)
  • L6: (Not specified)
  • L7: (Not specified)
  • Offset: 60.3
  • Bushing Diameter (mm): 12.7
  • Inclination (degrees): (Not specified)
  • Spline Type: (Not specified)
  • Alpha (degrees): 22.5
  • Control Arm: Bent 64-L
  • Other Side: (Not specified)


The “974151 Slack Adjuster” is crafted with precision, featuring a robust design to optimize braking performance. While specific details such as control unit, application, and spline type are not provided, this component is designed to meet high-quality standards.

Upgrade your braking system with the “974151 Slack Adjuster,” ensuring reliable and efficient performance. Drive with confidence, knowing your braking system is equipped with a trusted solution.

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