Bendix 65176 Slack Adjuster

Bendix 65176 Slack Adjuster


The “Bendix 65176 Slack Adjuster,” a precision-engineered component designed for optimal performance in your braking system. Explore the detailed specifications below:

  • GAP Number: Bendix 65176
  • O.E.M. Number: 65176
  • Haldex Number: (Not specified)
  • Casting: (Not specified)
  • Control Unit: (Not specified)
  • Application: (Not specified)
  • Number of Spline Teeth: 0
  • L1: (Not specified)
  • L2: (Not specified)
  • L3: (Not specified)
  • L4: (Not specified)
  • L5: (Not specified)
  • L6: (Not specified)
  • L7: (Not specified)
  • Offset: (Not specified)
  • Bushing Diameter (mm): 12.7
  • Inclination (degrees): (Not specified)
  • Spline Type: (Not specified)
  • Alpha (degrees): (Not specified)
  • Control Arm: (Not specified)
  • Other Side: (Not specified)


The “Bendix 65176 Slack Adjuster” is engineered with precision and reliability in mind. While specific details such as casting, control unit, application, and other measurements are not provided, this component is crafted to meet high standards for braking system functionality.

Upgrade your braking system with the “Bendix 65176 Slack Adjuster,” a quality component designed to deliver consistent and efficient performance. Drive with confidence, knowing your braking system is supported by a trusted solution.

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