T30/30 Disc Brake Chamber

T30/30 Disc Brake Chamber

“T30/30” Brake Chamber with the following specifications:

  • Reference Number: V1605860 5003084 9253224240
  • Stroke (mm): 64/64
  • Port: 2×M16×1.5
  • Push Rod Length: 250mm
  • Port/Clamp Angle: 0°/90°


This brake chamber is designed with a stroke of 64mm on both sides, features two ports with M16×1.5 threads, a push rod length of 250mm, and a port/clamp angle of 0°/90°.

For a comprehensive understanding of the brake chamber and its application, it is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or contact the manufacturer directly. Feel free to provide more details if you need specific information.


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